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Dec 2022

My Aim

-My goal was to learn how to build responsive websites and to know the constraints properties of an element. Also to work with autolayout property.

-Another major goal I wanted to accomplish while doing this project is to know how to work with interations formed through constraints and how different variants react to different situations.

Paper Wireframes

Lo-Fi Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

Components for Transitions

Style Guide

Final Laptop Design of PetHouse

Mobile Design

Mobile Design Lo-Fi Prototype

Mobile Design Hi-Fi Prototype

Final Mobile Design


- The need of resposive website is ever high, as there are different dimensions of devices available in the market.

- I learned so much while doing this project like, constraints, working with variants, Transitions, etc.

Future Aspects

- After some feedbacks I came to know that there are many gaps that need to be filled, which I have to learn in future.

- In future I will work on rendering this website on desktops and tablets and different phone sizes.

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